Thursday, April 24, 2008

It ended up okay, actually.

Well, here is the deal.

I didn't study and I woke up twenty minutes later than I hoped. So I spent an hour trying to find parking. But I did study while I played with facebook and watched "America's Next Top Model" at work. (I also did some work, BTW.) I got in at 9am and thought "well, I have until 11:30". At 11:15am, I looked at my blackberry. Which is supposed to remind me.

As it turns out, the test started at 10:30. I SHOWED UP AN HOUR LATE FOR THE FINAL EXAM! I got some weird looks and one guy said "you can do it, Erin!". My professor was not giving the exam but I think that he would have understood my tardiness and he would have been as forgiving as the girl who proctored the exam. It helps that said girl is one of my friends :)

Anyway, it turns out that not having time to cram five minutes before the test helped me out, and I focused because I was under pressure. I finished ten minutes before the time limit and two other guys were still working on it. It was a hard exam and I deserve any points deducted for carelessness, but it was a good exam and left me feeling satisfied about the class.

It also left me mentally exhausted. It's that time when you have finally finished the semester and you just collapse. I had a pretty intense nap after I came home. (well, actually, I came home and ate lunch and shredded some bills. And then I had some intense nappage.)

God is good, for providing the feeling of just finishing a semester, and for finally feeling like rest will come your way.

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cindy said...

An hour late?? And you're still allowed to take the test?? Wow.. we normally don't get the privilege over here. :P