Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Millionaire Mutts...

I had to take photos while I was strolling through the new dog store in town, next to Subway.

When I was taking a photo of the chihuahuas, a girl nervously shrieked: "Are you going to... Don't touch!!.... If you...!" I said, "I'm not touching the dogs. I saw the 'no-touching sign'".

She was about to point me to a massive bottle of hand sanitizer. I later overheard her telling another "customer" that these were $4000 freaking dogs. Which I guess warrants hand sanitizer.

Only in Malibu. They cost more than a month's rent!! I was just baffled that they were all kept in "shabby chic" antique looking baby cribs!! With like diaper padding!! I'm not kidding!! These are the kind of dogs that eat better than I do!

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~Virginia~ said...

that's insane! i could list 50 things i could do with $4,000.00 and buying a dog would not be one of them!