Thursday, April 17, 2008

some cool ness.

good things happen when you push "next blog" on the blogger tool bar.

I found this interesting: It looks like this guy blogs/catalogs what he wears every day. Whether or not this is weird and/or fashionably questionable is up to whoever reads his daily log.

Hubby and I couldn't decide whether this photographer was on the right or the left side of the line between art and pornography. I think it might be a little of both and I can certainly appreciate female beauty in reality....

OMG This woman is a bonafide cupcake artist. Genius.

Your source for what is "indie" in Sao Paulo, Brasil. (Vampire Weekend is on the list).

And this guy is determined to mix music album cover art and everyday photography, whether you like it or not.


~Virginia~ said...

mmm. cupcakes! :) happy weekend!

Ashley Wiltbank said...

Thanks for your comment. If you're having a hard time finding the "b skin" try making sure you're using the "minima" template first. If you are, try hitting the "Control" and "Shift" keys down at the same time and it will bring up a little search box where you can search for it and you should be able to find it from there. Let me know if you still have a problem w/ it after that. Thanks for checking out my site!