Saturday, May 31, 2008

Got the dress!!

There is no way to make a red ballgown dress look good, when using one's camera phone and when you have decided to store the dress in your "office", next to the paper shredder. But here it is, in all of its glory. I think I look rather nice in it, despite having to go for a size bigger than I would have liked (but a size smaller than I would have gotten one year ago!) I may have to buy a strapless bra for it. But I will never go to David's Bridal again. Ever.

We finished our last trip ever by stopping at In'N'Out. Neither one of us are crazy IN'N'OUT fans- it is a cult favorite in California but I always thought it was overrated. At any rate, there aren't any close to where we live. But my Dad has been asking for a t-shirt from this restaurant that sells like 4 things, for like 3 years.

To complete our day, I took a photo of the car in front of us when we were driving home. To get home, we have to go through a one-lane each way canyon. It was a great reminder of one of my favorite "Dennis Complaints". This car had ALOT of room to drive fast, but he/she chose to drive slower than the speed limit throughout the entire canyon. When something like this happens, Dennis always says "Man. This guy has an expensive car and he drives like this?!!"
I love that my husband thinks that having an expensive looking sports car is a right that only "good drivers" should have. If you drive slower than my 80-year old grandpa and create traffic, you do not deserve an expensive sports car.

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~Virginia~ said...

that dress is gorgeous! heart it! i love your tyra pictures by the way!