Friday, May 30, 2008

Look! I'm Tyra Banks!!

This is an artistic rendition, on behalf on myself and Dennis, of me being Tyra Banks.

It's meant to be silly and campy, but some of these photos actually turned out all right. I am proud to say that there were not touch-ups or airbrushings, that this is my real forehead, and my real hair. And my real apartment. And my real glasses.

a)We debated on how to do the flirting photo. We both thought about the look I give Dennis when I want something, specifically chocolate.
b)I tried to think of something to be surprised at and Dennis said "just smile"
c)I kept thinking "show joy in your eyes but don't smile." The whole idea that this "smile" and the smile where you don't have smiling eyes, are retarded. Just smile. It's to hard to think about what your eyes are doing.
d and e)What Am I Selling? It's not like I'm wearing a fanny pack or holding donuts....
f) Dennis wanted to have the illusion of a fan blowing my glorious hair. I tried smiling like "Okay, I'm a fake mean girl who is smiling but secretly hates you" but I ended up looking like I do when Dennis is acting silly. And, my eyes do that thing where they get smaller. They turn into "asian" eyes. I know that could sound (or maybe it just does sound) racist. My apologies.

PS: Found it on the internets

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BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

That is hilarious. Bravo! And it made for a great new blog headshot. :)