Saturday, May 24, 2008

Is Indian Jones a Scientology movie?

I don't think so, for the record. But you can see (so that I'm not giving too much away if you don't see the movie until it is on Netflix), that the eyes of the skull in the background are like alien eyes.

I assume that Steven Spielberg is a happy Jew, and I don't really know that Harrison Ford has that much creative power. I could be wrong. Which leaves George Lucas.

I don't know that I think George Lucas is a scientologist (unless he has already said he is...) but I do know that he has created millions of dollars and super-nerd fans across the world who believe in light sabers and aliens and darth vader. I've met these fans. So I think maybe he is just interested in aliens. Oh, and Spielberg did make E.T.

I guess it all comes from the Xenu debate. Did aliens come to earth billions of years ago to teach humans how to live? Was the big fish in the book of Jonah some kind of advanced alien ship/fish??

Or is this just a movie where Harrison Ford and Karen Allen look really old?

For the record, I don't think it has scientology ties. I do think it was a good movie, as a final movie in the series. Much better than National Treasure.

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