Thursday, May 22, 2008

The good and the bad news.

Of the day.
Well, of the hour.

I tried to pick up my bridesmaid dress today. It was too small. Not because I've gained weight- I've actually lost a jeans size (woo!). But rather because they miss-measured my boobs. I am actually a size up in the top, because I actually have a problem with having boobs that are too big. People pay money to have this problem.

I felt depressed the entire hour it took to drive home (there's only one David's Bridal in the area, and it's in the valley and takes forever to get there.)

But I've decided to cut myself some slack, as clearly these are not every day dresses. And people PAY to have this problem. Also, this store claims to sell designer looking gowns and they make a gigantic deal about how they tailor the dress to your exact measurements. And I conclude that this is a big fat lie. They actually have the dress in your size, but they have it at "the warehouse". They don't tailor it. If you don't count the expensive alterations, they just send your size. So it is as "tailored" as getting a spring dress at Old Navy or the Gap, but with rouching and satin.

I did find out that my cousin is having her wedding in the evening. So it is in the desert, but thank God it is as it starts to cool. Because this ball-gown dress was super heavy.

Also, a HUGE reason to be thankful:
My cousin is not making me wear anything in this material-

Jordin Sparks wore it last night on American Idol and now Cate Blanchett is wearing it. And it is horrible and not flattering. This material is ONLY for Mexican Wrestling Heros like Nacho Libre. NEVER for women.

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