Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Okay! No more!!!

I've noticed at least twice this new fashion thing where woman wear dresses made in gold stretchy material, better suited for Halloween costumes of like, Cleopatra, or little dancers. Little Miss Sunshine would be better suited to wear this gold stretchy material. Not Jordin Sparks on the American Idol finale, and not Cate Blanchett when she was on the Red Carpet. And not three of the four Sex and The City women at their NYC premiere. (Only Cynthia Nixon opted out.)

Even Jennifer Hudson went for a shiny metallic alien suit.

It's not flattering. Not for anyone. It looks like aluminum foil and saran wrap on Sarah Jessica Parker, it looks soooo uncomfortable and even painful on Kim Cattrall, It looks like an 80's prom dress on Kristin Davis, and it is very "this should be saved for an Ice Skating competition" on Christian from Project Runway.

Which reminds me of just one more reason to boycott this movie until it comes out for free on cable. I may be the only woman on earth who doesn't care about this movie. I did enjoy the first two or three seasons but kind of got bored with the show after that one episode where they went to LA, and I really do not want to "get Carried away".

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~Virginia~ said...

i agree those dresses were awful! bleh.