Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Queer Eye Invading BBAU!!

Yeah!!!!!!!! Just watching Carson from "Queer Eye" and a bunch of other shows where he plays a gay guy who helps people dress right is a special guest on Big Brother Australia!!!

This tells you two things that tell you something about me:
1)I've got a weakness for gay guys who are really flamboyant and who love to help old ladies fix the thighs that are GWP (Gift with Purchase= AKA part of having kids).
2)I'm watching Big Brother Australia on YouTube. I can't even spell Australia.

It's just really funny to watch a US gay guy interact with really Australian people, using US cultural references ("Rock out with your frocks out??"). It's like a trifecta of cultural experience.

(I didn't ever, by the way, actually ever watch "Queer Eye For the Straight Guy") But if you have some time and you never before watch dumb things online, this is worth 5 minutes.

I think my idea of heaven would be to be able to live in other countries just to watch their reality television shows.

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