Saturday, May 17, 2008

Went to the park, met some jedi...

We went to the park today, to celebrate a good friend's graduation. We ventured out of Malibu and into Los Angeles.
And as it happened, we were sharing the park with the LA Jedi. (I asked if I could google them and they told me their web url straight away).
It was actually pretty cool. I am the bold one in the group so after we wondered who these guys were who were swinging these sticks that were sword-like around, I got up to go and ask.
They were very nice and told me straight away that they were Jedi- a mix of theater/stage craft and martial arts. The short latina woman told me she was the one with a purple light-saber, they did confirm that they do go to Comic-Con, and to make the encounter all the more perfect, their light-sabers did make noises when they waved them. They seemed quite dedicated- one of the female Jedi told another Jedi to keep going because I think I was interrupting a routine. They said that they go to conventions and visit kids who are sick in the hospital. I did hear one guy said "Major Nerd Enhancement" or something and the main guy who talked to me (the leader?) had an eye-patch making him look like a pirate-jedi. But they were nice. They said we should see them at night, because then they put on a good show. I'm sure that is true.

But I did say, "Oh this is sooooo going in my blog..." (which perhaps makes me just as nerdy.) None of them talked like Yoda. And none were wearing Jedi clothing. But many of the people listed as team members on the website, were indeed present :)

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~Virginia~ said...

there's no shame in putting cool stuff on your blog! :) i like the video!