Friday, May 16, 2008

Who made these shoes?

Because they should probably get an award for "Ugly Painful-Looking Shoes of The Week"

Seen on a girl that is in one of the OC-type shows (Maybe she's in the OC? I don't know. I limit what I watch on that channel to America's Next Top Model...)

I'm fifteen minutes from going out the door to babysit (Friday Night! Woo!) But I thought these shoes needed to be mentioned. They kind of look like the material that you use sofas or car seats. Like the same leather in the luxary car that someone's mom drives. I wonder if they have that awkward squeaking sound that you hear when someone moves on leather, and it sounds like passing gas and they go "no, it's not what you think... it's the chair!"

How did she put them on?? Also, now that I look closely, why does her left foot like she has ten toes? Where does the shoe end and the foot begin?

PS: the dress is exactly the dress I've been referring to with love as a tent dress. She dresses it up. I wear it around the house like a nightgown.

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