Tuesday, June 03, 2008

10 Ways the World Has Changed...

Since I was a kid- 10 Ways the world has changed since I was in school.

Well, I was in Kindergarden in 1988, and I graduated high school in 2000 sooo....

1. Pluto was a planet. Obvs.
2. I can remember playing the Oregon Trail in the Computer Room with DOS and a huge floppy.
3. Having a birthday party at McDonalds was the coolest ever.
4. Barbie didn't have to compete with Bratz.
5. Typing class- I took this at two different schools and in both, you had to type on a typewriter and use correction fluid, and you had to take tests to type how fast you type. And you had to learn where to put your hands....etc.
6. Taking photos for the school paper/yearbook was a pretty big deal because you couldn't delete photos. I bet it doesn't take as long to crank out an issue as it did when I was in high school.
7. We didn't have issues with cellphones or i-pods because those didn't exist. (I think beepers might have been an issue but it was because if you had a beeper in middle school you were a drug dealer).
8. We had to learn the Dewey Decimal System for the Library and research was a PAIN. It got better towards high school but still. And I think even in high school we still had to write our names on index cards to check out books.
9. In elementary school, it was easier for boys to pick on girls. We had "Friday Flip-up Day" and I remember that as a girl, I DID NOT wear dresses or skirts on Friday. Boys got sent to a corner, maybe, but not even sent to the principal for it. (Maybe I just had an easy school.)
10. The tooth fairy and inflation. I got a quarter to fifty cents. Kids get like twenty bucks now. Not fair.

Honorable mention: The Pizza-Hut "Book-It" Program. If you read books you ended up with a coupon for a personal pizza at Pizza-Hut (This was a big deal! Your OWN pizza! From Pizza Hut!!) I guess it's still around but it's electronic now and anyway, rewarding a child with pizza is probably not healthy.


Joyce said...

So many changes in so few years . . .
I enjoyed your list. :)

~Virginia~ said...

poor pluto. i miss that kid. :) i used to love love love the card catalog! not because it ever helped me find anything, but it just smelled woodsy! :)

Shannon said...

OH I so remember the card catalog it was waist high and took up a whole wall.
Dos is still around you just don't realize it. I rocked at playing that game! I always died in North Dakota!
Pizza-Hut Book It program is still around my daughter get them every month.Our is not electronic.