Monday, June 02, 2008

Pretty Woman.

I do not know one woman who can say she doesn't like the movie, "Pretty Woman". It's a raunchy flick, but it was probably my first R-rated movie and I loved Julia Roberts, who plays Vivian the nicegirl/hooker, and I loved her funny laugh. I also loved her hooker friend, Kit, who managed to brilliantly insert the F-Word into Cinderella's name. I can not think of Cinderella in the same way anymore.

Anyway, there's this scene towards the end, where Kit goes to visit Vivian, who is living it up in a Beverly Hills hotel and wearing nice clothes and is so in love with Richard Gere. Kit, in all of her hooker-gear, tells a old couple that is staring at her lack of clothes, that the woman's dress looks like her grandma's drapes. I may have the quote wrong, but the idea of comparing a woman's dress to my grandma's drapes is something I will never forget.

I will have to take a photo of my grandma's drapes to prove this is real.

Update: I THINK the "drapes" comment was inserted into an elevator scene/old people scene via censorship to show the film on network tv.But it does exist.

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~Virginia~ said...

hmm. i don't quite remember that quote. i remember her spitting out her gum before getting into the elevator and saying she had a run in her pantyhose...don't remember the drapes comment. :)