Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jabbachelet and the Gobernator.

Today, the President of Chile visited with our Governor to talk about Education and some other things. It was interesting only because rarely are two political leaders in the same room who share names that I cannot say with a straight face. (Jabbachelet because some people compare Michelle Bachelet to Jabba the Hut and the Gobernator for obvious reasons.)

It was also interesting because my mother in law, who is in Chile, has no idea how big California is. She called yesterday to ask us to "please make sure to get photos". (Sacramento is only HOURS away!!) My mother in law doesn't even like Michele Bachelet that much, but the discussions about sending Chilean students to California for University studies have us all hopeful.

PS: I secretly like Bachelet but my husband despises her. Here is a video of her saying "Hasta La Vista" to Arnold, via the Chilean news. If you overlook the fact that students are being hosed and surrounded by tanks while protesting in the capital, under Bachelet's first term as President... then I actually find her to be charming and I admire that she is the first (not counting Peron's wife) female President of a Latin American country (and my favorite Latin American country too!!)

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