Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Truth is I'm a Lush.

I'm Pinot Noir
What Kind of Wine Are You?

You are a Pinot Noir - Refined, smooth, and emotional.

Your friends often describe you as a very intelligent and intellectual conversationalist, always bringing up an interesting perspective on any topic. You are well-mannered and enjoy fine things, but can also get into a well-made simple meal. You pay attention to detail but also care about history and stories behind people and things. You are a fun person once someone gets to know you, and are known for your wonderful and smart sense of humor.

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~Virginia~ said...

i love love love wine! especially red wine. my palette isn't sophisticated enough to actually know which type i prefer--i usually just ask for a "good" glass of red. fancy me! :) have a good weekend and i hope dennis gets to feeling better!