Saturday, June 07, 2008

New Paint Outside.

It's a late posting but let's vent for a sec.

Pepperdine University, how I love thee. But seriously you have this uncanny knack for picking rough times for construction. Like for the past month, starting the same weekend as the Law School Graduation, you decided to paint our outside walls. So we had to keep the windows shut. In the summertime. Oh you, you sure do know how to pick the perfect time!!! I know we can rent fans from your Housing Office, which is sweet, but I'd really like to put my window air-con unit back up!!

Anyways, Friday morning was hilarious. I was already busy taking care of kidney-stone-man when I looked out of my window and saw this guy. What the Hell, Pepperdine. Can I not walk into my living room without some random guy painting outside? Like right outside of my freaking window??? It's kind of creepy. Really, Dennis and I actually thought we should do some kind of acrobatic routine or something to entertain him. Defo fish-bowl effect. WTG.

He did smile when he realized I was taking photos, though. At least you hire nice creepy guys to paint outside of my living room. Glad I was wearing real pajamas!!!


Me, Myself and I said...

lol well, if you were missing some company, you have got it! hehe

~Virginia~ said...

okay, that would totally creep me out. i thought you'd taken a picture of the unabomber or something! crazy.