Thursday, June 05, 2008

Well, at least we have spoons now...

Dennis may or may not have kidney stones- well, he is walking, teaching his online class, and driving. But he was in a lot of pain yesterday in his kidney area. So he's drinking fluids. Which may or may not be why he was also in a state of freaking out when I made him do the dishes for the first time in about two months.

I was torn between feeling slightly guilty as he sulked and scrubbed, and slightly happy that he was doing the dishes. He said it was MY duty, so I did feel a little justified. I won't bug him to do it again until September, I promise.

It may have felt like the apocalypse to him, but I felt like I was hearing a choir of angels singing as he washed our dishes.

We did suffer two casualties, but they would have died even if I had done the dishes:
My favorite blue starbucks mug that I got for graduating from undergrad has a gigantic length-wise crack.

And an awesome yellow-mug bowl (it has a partner in a green bowl). We use the pair of mug-bowls for things like soup and cereal. It's actually a big part of our life, as we don't have many bowls and none matching. (We have 3 bowls now, and some of that glad-ware tupper ware that you can throw away).

RIP mug and mug-bowl. You guys are already missed.


Me, Myself and I said...

Kidney stones!! my dad just suffered from it a few weeks ago and he was yelling like hell lol and complaining and moaning and arrhgggghh it was crazy having him home hahaha

~Virginia~ said...

sounds like a job for super-glue! :) hope he gets to feeling better! have a wonderful weekend!