Thursday, June 26, 2008

Turning Japanese....

I'm going to Japan tomorrow!!!

Actually, I'm leaving the states tomorrow. I'm getting to Japan on Saturday afternoon. I have literally no idea how the time difference works. All I know is that 1000 yen is almost 10 bucks, which is the cost of a pair of cute flip flops sold in Japan!

I will miss two weeks of blogging, two weeks of Sunday school teaching, and two weeks (or 17 days) of Big Brother UK and Big Brother Austrailia, not to mention two weeks of the Mole and the season finale of Hell's Kitchen.

The plus side is that we have a team blog for anyone who is interested, to check out!
From Malibu to Hachinohe

Stop by- hopefully we will be able to update it kind of frequently!


~Virginia~ said...

have a fun and safe trip! :) i'd volunteer to keep you updated on your shows, but i don't watch any of them! :)

Me, Myself and I said...

OMG! Japan?? Jesus, I have missed so much blog hop laterly.

What will you be doing there???????