Thursday, July 17, 2008

Back from Japan!!

So we got back from Japan, earlier this week. It was amazing. And there are certainly more photos and stories to follow. You'll have to settle for me touching a real, live octopus at a fish market. Which I may or may not have eaten later that day. At any rate, we need to make a short montage about what we did (free English lessons except that the Japanese can't accept "free" so we got loads of food and chopsticks and gifts for helping them with their English, as "learning fee".) I learned loads about Buddhism/Shinto and loads about my own faith. I also learned some handy Japanese. So the next language I want to learn is, of course, Japanese.

And I fell in love with Hello Kitty. Yes, the little feline used her charm and I fell in love.

You can, of course, see what happened by going to our Team Blog!!


Sarah said...

Welcome home! Yay for you and touching and possibly eating the octopus. You're way braver than I!!! :-)

As for Hello Kitty - you poor thing. :-)

~Virginia~ said...

um, i'm glad you clarified what that wet blob was...i was certain it was like a boiled rat or something.

i wish i were kidding.

glad you had a good time!

cindy said...

Woohoo, welcome home!! :D :D And yes, I love Hello Kitty too - especially the toilet papers. Hahahaha!

NatalieLucy said...

Welcome home, wow Erin looks like you had a wonderful time in Japan. I'd love to go there and experience their culture! Can't wait to hear all about it.