Wednesday, August 27, 2008

update! update!

ugh. I know. I've been a lazy blogger. Not very good at posting anything. In a nutshell, I got distracted and then I got stressed and I've been very lazy.

I started school on Monday and I fear based on first impressions that this will be one of those semesters of Graduate work that I've got really paid for. Sometimes, because a lot of my classes are with undergrads, I feel like I can kind of skate through things. I'm pretty good at procrastinating and such and I've polished my skills at writing thing last minute or pretending I've read the text.

Also, when the Professor is asking you to read the first five chapters of the Gospel of John, and you've read those devotionally at random different times in different chunks and/or you've heard at least one sermon on them, you feel (or I feel, atleast) like I can just kind of figure out what I'm supposed to know.

This semester I'm taking a class on God and Providence and we are going to be reading ancient scholars and German scholars. It is a lot of words and I'm not really a reader and there are big theological words and concepts. It's an important class- the first of three that I need to take for my degree- and I am happy to know that I will be smarter for them. But these are daunting books and not only do I need to read them but I need to talk about them in class and write substantially on them.

I'm also taking a class on the first five books of the Bible, which shouldn't be as bad per se, but I do need to respond in writing to the required reading and there will be a paper and (ahem...)work.

What I am counting on, as fun, will be the Japanese class that I'm auditing. I'm enjoying it but I'm not paying for it, except in time and in the cost of the text books. I think it will be like yoga for my brain.

Dennis is teaching online for Kaiser College in Florida (I know not alot of this school so google it.) And he is looking for work, everywhere (like every place on earth that is hiring. But I refuse to move to Dubai, for example.)

So at the moment, I don't have an opinion on much outside of the little bubble of myself and Dennis and school. I don't even care about the whole president thing anymore.


Sarah said...

Wow! Busy girl!

What kind of job is Dennis looking for?

Good luck with school, the Japanese class sounds fun!

~Virginia~ said...

i've had hair days like this. as a matter of fact, it's why i wear my hair in a bun most days. :) good luck with the courses!