Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I hate this commercial

This is actually the "original cut" (and the first and longer one I remember). The annoying voice, dancing that includes a funny pasta-shaped rapping thing spanking the air, and the climactic "pasta playa hater". (Domino's Pizza has since changed the voice of the pasta guy and he no longer does the spanking).
What's so annoying? The shape of the pasta guy is creepy? The fact that only the kid is cool enough to recognize the "tightness" of the pasta/carb infestation/a random rapping pasta guy on the table? The way that Domino's has reinterpreted the term "playa hater"? (Actually, according to the Urban Dictionary, they have it right.) I think it is because of my understanding of the term "playa" combined with the general creepy phallic nature of the pasta. I know Macaroni wouldn't have worked but maybe at least ravioli??

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CJane said...

Wow, I don't even remember how the Dominos Pizza's ad sounds like over here. Hahaha!