Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ridiculous things

I'm trying to ease back into blogging. I realize I have left loads of unanswered questions in posts lately and that my posts are sporadic. I am taking some ridiculous classes right now, ridiculous in part because of the amazing amount that is required for reading. It's easy for me to forget how important blogging is to me, because of the therapeutic sides to being online and having friends you've never met comment on your life and to have them totally validate you by knowing exactly what you are trying to say.

Any way, in the attempt to ease back in, I thought I'd go back to what I think I do best, which is essentially bitching about life. I really became self-critical as far as blogging and thought "I am just too negative and there are already too many people on the internet to be negative."
Somethings cannot be ignored. (Like the ANTM clip of Jay Manuel kissing Tyra Banks on the lips tonight whilst being dressed as a silver haired plasticy prince charming, in a scene that was awkward and nauseating... or Tyra in the entire makeover episode this season as a dumb fairy godmother with a dumb fairy godmother voice. Honestly this show needs more models and less judges...) It was pretty ridiculous.

This is also on the list of ridiculous:

This is Ivy Queen and her ridiculous nails. Ivy Queen is a pretty big deal in the spanish-speaking world, and specifically as a Reggaeton artist but she always has these RIDICULOUS dragon lady nails that I thought only existed in the dark world of the 1980's. She's on "Don Francisco Presenta" right now talking about her life and stuff and I can't concentrate, in part because of her ridiculous nails.

Finally, this car is ridiculous. I've seen it around campus for about a year now, and I've been meaning to take a photo for months. It's one of many ridiculous vehicles (someone has a European car that is like smaller than my kitchen table and gets into the smallest parallel parking spots, which is also ridiculous but a little smart...) It's ridiculous because it shows the wealth at Pepperdine. I'm assuming that the owner is a girl. Probably a girly girl. And I know that I really like the pink wheel-cap for her mercedes benz SUV, even despite it's Barbie color. I wish I had such a glamorous car. And the ridiculous part is that this is probably a student. I'd bet money it's an undergrad student who is younger than 23. And that is ridiculous. I am jealous, that this is even possible and that this isn't the only great car. It makes sense- we live in Malibu and I see so many great cars that I'm desensitized. Hummer Limos? Eh. Over it. The frustrating part is knowing the difference between THEIR bank accounts and MINE.

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