Monday, September 22, 2008

phone broken.

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My beloved phone is broken and I will have to drive "out there" (through the canyon, outside of my bubble...) to go to a "special" AT&T store that deals with warranty issues like replacing the phone. Yesterday, we went because I've been getting SIM card (data card) errors. So they gave me a new SIM card. I'm convinced that the guy who handled my phone had sticky fingers or something because now (well, since last night), only half of my phone works. Not the important half. Basically, I can only make and get phone calls. And I can't end the call because the "end call" red button is one of the buttons not working.

I could go into details about why I'm annoyed with technology and AT&T etc. but I'm tired. So I will just say that hopefully today we can go out to fix my beloved phone. I didn't realize until I couldn't use it just how much I use and love this phone. I knew I loved it but really, I feel paralyzed.

also not working- the volume buttons and side button that turns camera on. WTF blackberry.

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