Friday, September 19, 2008

ridiculous before the weekend.

I've been meaning to post this kind of thing for YEARS.

It's a pro and a con to living in Malibu. The pro is that people are really generally honest here. You can forget to lock your car and be pretty confident that nothing will happen. I'm guilty of leaving my phone or my backpack in plain sight and I realize that I have this security only in Malibu. But it is really ridiculous. I remember when I moved here from the Valley, which is only about 30 miles away and yet so different, that I was really shocked- people who own convertibles leave their tops down all the time, when they are parked outside everyday places like the grocery store/movie theater/drug store/Starbucks. I still, after 7 years of living here, think "But aren't they afraid someone is going to steal something?" People don't just leave the top down (which invites theft of the entire car, right?) but they leave things inside. It just boggles my mind. Who leaves their car so vulnerable? Outside of Malibu, is that normal??


Sarah said...

I forgot to roll my window up one day after I got out of my car after lunch, and when I found it later, I was FREAKED. OUT!!! I can't imagine having a convertible and leaving the top down.

BTW - I love your label: Blingtarded...that's great :-)

~Virginia~ said...

i can't believe that. there's no way i'd ever break the habit of locking any and everything away in the trunk! :)