Monday, October 06, 2008

People's Court LOLZ

Because of our situations in life, Dennis and I have the unique time available to watch "The People's Court". It's kind of trash tv but not quite Jerry Springer... I think.

Point: Seriously, there are some stupid people. We are watching a case where this guy is suing because he bought a dog- he wanted the dog to be a boy and found out later that it was a girl. He wants to be compensated because he was given a girl dog. How do you buy a dog, keep a dog for long enough to name it and dress it in outfits, and not realize it is not a boy?? Seriously. There are some really obvious things that you as a man yourself should obviously notice as missing. He is claiming this was fraud. Seriously.

This is the poor dog who is too embarrassed to look at the TV because her owner is retarded and gave her a gender-identity crisis.

And this is the retarded owner, who also wants compensation for boy dog clothes that he obviously cannot use on a girl dog. (OMG. Seriously.)
The case before: I can't even recall the actual point of the case. This guy was suing this woman because he put new windows in her apartment and paid for it all and she didn't pay him back. Her defense was that it was a gift or something and that he was trying to get romantic with her. He said that this wasn't true because "look at her" (i.e. "she's ugly, judge"). I would not say she is ugly. But I will say that the reason I can't tell you the main part of the case is because I was transfixed with this woman's hair. A Sculpted hot mess that I'm sure someone spent a lot of time on. It's talented and bizarre at the same time.

This is a blackberry pearl camera phone- I'm not sophisticated clearly. But you can see kind of what I see (plus the look on her face because she lost because she basically has to pay for what she thought was free windows from a guy who just called her ugly on national tv).

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