Friday, November 28, 2008

Thankful it's Friday!

10 More Reasons for Why I'm Thankful:
1. We have electricity. We didn't on Wednesday, when my paper was due. It came back on early Thursday.
2. Our Thanksgiving was simple and yet special. We had store-bought friend chicken and baked potatoes. So my blood sugar didn't spike and yet we were still stuffed. I used my mom's fancy china because I wanted to convey that it was still a special occasion. The dishes that we had to do were minimal.
3. We have realized that we cannot afford $300 for a Wii. I'm thankful that we are not among the thousands shopping and spending what will later turn into debt. I did make a credit card payment today and I'm thankful that I could do that.
4. My credit score is growing. Also a reason to rejoice.
5. It is almost time for Christmas.
6. This means that it is nearly time for a break from school. A very much much needed break!!
7. My marriage is really good. We argue about whether or not the caffeine in coffee is the same as the thenine in tea, but that is our big argument. He makes me laugh.
8. I have the "necessities" of life. A cell-phone, a laptop, TV with cable...
9. We have hot, running water that we can drink from the tap.
10. Our families both love us. I am very lucky that Dennis's family loves me and that my family loves Dennis.

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aceswyf said...

Awww - that's a great list! And a lot less sarcastic than mine was :-)

#10 is a great one...and a little different than my situation. My family loves Deane, but in 10 years I've still not fully been accepted as a member of his family. I'm learning to deal with it, after all, it's more important to me that he loves me, right?!

Hope you guys had a good weekend!!!