Wednesday, November 26, 2008

10 Things I want for the Holidays...

On a lighter note:
Ten Things I want for the Holiday

1. A wii.
2. Money.
3. For Dennis to get a nice job.
4. For my dad to spend Christmas or New Year's with us.
5. New bed sheets.
6. For my computer to be upgraded so that it runs faster.
7. A CGMS (rarely covered by insurance, you usually have to pay out of pocket.
8. New clothes are always appreciated.
9. A pedicure.
10. A parking permit that allows me to park where ever I please when I park at Pepperdine. I had it all last year and it was soooo freaking sweet.
**11. New pots (larger) with lids and a larger cookie sheet.


Ethel said...

New pots?? Hmm.. someone's in the mood of cooking?? :P

aceswyf said...

I am working on my list too!

New bed sheets are always nice!!! And I have my fingers *totally* crossed that Dennis finds a new job - a great one :-)

Hope you guys had a Happy Thanksgiving and get to enjoy the long weekend!