Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I am a banana in pajamas.

Let me rejoice in this glorious time, when I can be in pajamas for most of the week and blame it on my status as a graduate student. I had a big retreat on Friday and Saturday for Japan and now I have nothing until Thursday morning. Which means I celebrated Martin Luther King in my pajamas perusing facebook. And while I did indeed watch the presidential ceremonies today and I did tear up and fall in love with the Obama daughters, etc., I did also return to bed after I saw George W. board the helicopter.

I do have more important things to do. I can get dressed, go for a walk, do the dishes, clean our apartment or do the laundry, or take out the trash... Or really more importantly, I could do my homework. I have some reading to do, especially for all of the many book reviews that are due at the end of the semester AKA in two months. And if I did do my homework, it would certainly lend credence to any of my arguments when they do happen, with Dennis about just how busy I am as a graduate student. (As in "hey, I work really hard! I'm a full-time graduate student!")

I think that this is my last year to use this excuse. I am finishing classes in December and while I expect for the comprehensive exams to be really tough (the ones I must pass in order to get my degree in April of 2010...), I know that a year from now I am going to be worrying more about my resume (which I still need to write...) and all of the real grown up stuff that comes along with GROWING UP.

I'm rejoicing. And freaking out.
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aceswyf said...

Lounging in PJ's all day? SIGN ME UP! :-)

Sounds like your stress level has gone down atleast!

I missed the inauguration by *seconds*...we were watching it on a computer at work and right up until the swearing in, nobody had walked through our office all morning and all of a sudden there were 14 people in there all talking to us, then about 15 seconds after he was sworn in, they all left! BLERG!!! :-)

~Virginia~ said...

i say milk it as long as you can!! :)

Ethel said...

Somehow, the "banana" word reminds me of that guy in American Idol last week. He was singing something like, "Do you want a banana?" etc. It was hilarious!