Monday, January 19, 2009

crossing the line between healthy and unhealthy...

Where is the line between a healthy obsession and an unhealthy one?

I'm talking about Twilight, the Vampire movie and book series that has a bunch of teenage girls and older girls freaking out about guy vampires. So much so that you cannot NOT find an online facebook game or whatever where a girl does not name her facebook self "Bella" or "VampireFan4Life"" and where you do not see girls declaring their love for a fictional character. Okay. fine. Whatever flips your switch. If you are in this young and pretty much FEMALE demographic, then for you to say that you love "Twilight" and "have an unrealistic expectation in men" because the male lead character is a vampire who expresses undying love for the female lead but they can't have sex... I can totally understand.

Is it perhaps UNHEALTHY however, when you are a 32 year old single male? And all of your best friends are young(er) girls who are equally obsessed? And you start actually reenacting Twilight the way that Star Wars nerds reenact Jedi fights??

We have a friend, who is aforementioned 32 year old single male. He is also kind of (at least pre-Twilight) a loner and a perpetual bachelor. Who suddenly has loads and loads of young girl friends (not girlfriends romantically) and they are posting facebook photos re-enacting Twilight. But he isn't dating any of these girls, who all look really young (I will give him that they are all probably legal and that they are all probably friends from church...) But it's kind of freaking me out. It freaks me out that a 32 year old man likes Twilight. Not just likes Twilight. But actually is starting to dress like a main character from Twilight.

Am I the only one who thinks this is weird? He's got dark hair like Dennis and he totally has started dying his hair and dressing to look like this guy:

Okay. He's trying to act like the father character in the series, not like the character that all the teenage girls are falling in love with. But it's still really weird!

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Goofy Girl said...

Haha yea that does seem a little different... to each their own tho! I need to read these books !!