Wednesday, May 20, 2009

So. American Idol was tonight.

In case you were under a rock.

Last year, I had time to live blog the American Idol finale and thought Archuletta was going to win until oh snap! David Cook totally won!

And then I heard David Cook on the radio a few times and then totally didn't ever really buy his album or anything.

This year was the first year that my husband and I actually watched AI from beginning to end. Cause there was nothing else on. I liked both of the final 2 guys but in the end, just felt like Glambert was too "jazz hands" meets "glam rock hair band". The dude can sing. He can hit notes that I will never in my life hit, and he has skill. And he is perfectly suited for a Vegas show.

But Kris Allen totally deserved it, if only for his easy appeal. Come on, people. He totally is like every other guy you hear all the time on the radio. And I know that isn't necessarily innovative or anything but if it's already on the radio, it means that people like me (aka the masses) are more likely to buy it. And he did have some great covers.

So, almost 2 hours later, I'm obviously not live blogging this. But I thought I should keep the tradition alive by at least saying "WTG America for voting for the dude who we actually will probably hear on the radio maybe".

Small complaints:

-don't make the entire idol cast wear white ever again. it is not a good color for anyone. I can't find a screen cap/photo so let's see how long this youtube vid of poor quality stays up...

-don't let Kara back. That song was lame and the bikini girl showdown was lame.

Okay. Now time for bed. Sorry Adam Lambert fans.

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Miss Chevious said...

i haven't watched this show since like the 2nd season or so. it's more the judges who annoy me than the contestants oddly enough. :)