Sunday, June 28, 2009

airport stress

AKA one more reason why I love my blackberry.

I am an absentminded idiot sometimes.

I can't find my mp3 player and in all the drama looking for it, buying a cheap one at radio shack that immediately doesn't work, and then finding a discman... I forgot about ID.

I have ID but my ticket is in my maiden name (I used my passport as ID until I got my license, like 2 years ago and my passport still uses my maiden name because we didn't want to buy a new Chilean visa when the current one is still valid.)

So the guy at security let me go after making me feel pretty guilty for being married 6 years but still flying domestically under my married name. I agree- I think it went to my maiden name by default when I put my miles card in the system, when I bought the ticket.)

I was thinking I'd have more trouble then I did. The guy at the check in counter basically reissued the tickets for my entire trip to match my driver's license. I'm thrilled with the outcome and can say that THIS American Airlines representative was helpful.

I also forgot my car insurance proof, which is only important because I'm driving a rental car with my aunt in Wisconsin. Dennis is sending a scan to my email. He is the best husband ever.

Did I mention I'm going to Wisconsin for a family reunion? (on my mom's father's side) its funny because no one in my family is from Wisconsin. Expect constant updates from twitter.

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aceswyf said...

Wow! Sounds like you got incredibly lucky with security! Hope you're having a great trip! Can't wait to see pics!