Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday afternoon in Beverly Hills

So we've been here in So Cal as a married couple since 2003 (I lived here before but didn't ever do anything interesting so my tourist-y life starts with Dennis). And it took us that long to go to Beverly Hills. I think we wouldn't have even gone but Dennis has a friend from the bank who wanted to do our hair and it was something we couldn't pass up.

We felt like huge tourists. And I felt like I was in the movie "Pretty Woman" (as an extra...)

Here is a red-carpet event with photogs and security... For what looked like Hennessy. The alcohol.

At Tiffany's (well at the doorway...)

As close as I'll ever get...

On Beverly Drive, right before we went to the Gap (which I know we could have found anywhere but they were having a good sale on jeans...)

Dennis on the corner of Wilshire and Rodeo :)

Dennis in front of this mega- Rodeo Sign that I kept zooming in on...


Zoom back out...

Wait- What in the world is the woman behind me doing? Is she a mime?

Dennis wanted to have a photo here too...

Hahahahaa! I was sucking my tummy in super hard for this shot and Dennis didn't even get my whole body!!

And we ended up missing the evening traffic on the 405 so it was a nice evening! (I can't say we had anything glamorous for dinner- we had McDonald's, which ended up upsetting both of our tummies).


aceswyf said...

Erin you look so great! I never spent time in BH either. I think went to Lawrys there once but never spent time there.

I can only view your blog on my phone for some reason...but I'm here!!!

Miss Chevious said...

did you do something new to your hair? it looks really good! very pretty!

CJane said...

Love your hair..I think you look pretty in that!! :D

And I really enjoyed looking at the photos. Makes me feel like I'm the States too. :P