Friday, November 20, 2009

Trying to Make A Spanish Tortilla

On Wednesday, I decided to make a Spanish Tortilla. I didn't have any meet thawed and we had a lot of eggs to get rid of. It's something that we had at a friend's and I loved the light but filling omelette style.

Alas, it was kind of a disaster. I had 6 eggs and 4 big potatoes and I thought I'd use them all, which ended up being my undoing.

First, I started by peeling these ginormous pototoes.

Then I sliced them thin. I was supposed to add an onion but only had green onion. It ended up not mattering at all.

At this point, you have to cook (but not fry) the potatoes until they are very soft.
This took FOREVER. Over an hour. And it never really softened the way I hoped. I watched Glee instead.

When I got tired of waiting, I turned the heat off. It was time to crack some eggs.

I poured the potatoes into the eggs. You are supposed to drown the potatoes in the eggs because, I guess, there should be more egg than potato (slightly). I used way too much potato.

Anyway, you pour it back into the skillet and it is supposed to fluff out.

After it fluffs out, it's supposed to be something you can flip. I couldn't figure out when that was or if it happened at all. It should look like a fritatta but it didn't really stick. Dennis was the designated flipper.

So it ended up being more like a giant hashbrown. It was good and very filling but I ended up using ketchup because it was definitely NOT a Spanish Tortilla.

Oh well. I will try again.

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