Saturday, November 28, 2009

What to do with miso?

When I went to Japan, I admitted that a)it's hard to find Japanese food where I live and b)I'd love to learn to cook Japanese. Yuko, one of my most favorite readers, gave me a BUNCH of miso paste (they use it mostly in soups). So now I have a bunch of miso paste and no idea how to use it. I think Japanese people probably go through a lot of this stuff, because they eat a lot of miso soup and you can use miso with other things. In an effort to use my own miso, I decided to do a marinade. I felt so very domestic. I got the idea from this blog post

I did this before thanksgiving and it was a hit so I've been meaning to post it.

First, I thawed some chicken breasts. Then I mixed some paste with a couple of garlic cloves (using the garlic press), a little oil, a little ginger and a splash of Chilean Pisco. I used a butter knife to spread that onto the chicken, which I chilled for an hour. (note the new pump tubing next to my mixing bowl. I needed to do a set change and was trying to cook at the same time.)

While chilling, I took the time to clean out my diabetes-supply closet.

These are the bunches of old meters that I found that I realized I really needed to throw out. Some of them are so expired that I don't think I could even donate them.

I took the miso chicken out and browned it. Super easy.

And this is what it looked like! It was really good and I will do this again. I had a salad and gave Dennis mashed potatoes.

Things that sound more gourmet than they really are

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