Saturday, December 05, 2009

Pseudo-Thanksgiving Dinner

AKA: What Thanksgiving looked like at my house.

Dennis went to Chile on Thanksgiving to visit with his daughters, (his oldest graduated from high school *tear*). So we had a thanksgiving-y dinner the night before. I didn't want to tackle a turkey, because that is toomuchfood but I wanted to do something unusual. I found this recipe for a Ginger Sweet Potato Chicken Bake and decided it was fallish enough to work.

I started by making some gingerbread cookies. This is special because I never make gingerbread cookies (or cookies at all), but they make ready-made dough for this now! So even people like me who can't flip a pancake can make a gingerbread cookie! I have ONE cookie cutter in my kitchen, conveniently a snowman. An old Chilean Pisco bottle served as my rolling pin.

I made 12 angry (snow)men! hahahahahaaaaa!!! (and I ate 10 of them!)

Then I followed the recipe. I had to shred the chicken because I didn't have boneless chicken, so I had to boil chicken, shred it, and then bake it. It was understandably dry. But the sweet potato made up for it. If I did this again, I would add more sweet potato and make sure I had some boneless chicken. Also, my sweet potatoes are clearly sweet potatoes and not YAMS. (Because I hate yams).

I rolled out the good dishes for this one. Also served: asparagus with lemon juice, pillsbury crescent rolls, and a white wine that was like $2.

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aceswyf said...

Wow, AimTrust sounds like a sure bet! :-) HA!

I can't flip a pancake either. And there's no way I have the patience to cook an entire holiday meal, so we order ours from QFC (Which is like Vons or Ralphs) and then heat it all up. It takes about 1/2 the time and only requires what little patience I have :-)