Wednesday, May 17, 2006

day three sans hubby

actually, it's kind of nice to have a little space with Dennis gone. I notice that I am louder- the TV is louder, I sang in the shower, etc. (Maybe because it is so quiet without him?)
Anyway, yesterday I went out for tea with a neighbor and today one of my friends came over and we ate frozen pizza and watched "American Idol" and talked about her boyfriend and read "womens" magazines. It's been really fun to spend some time with my girl friends! Anyway, I have been feeling so capable of being independent without Dennis which is empowering- I bought stamps and mailed out bills to be paid and I just feel like I've been so productive. (I think I would have been productive with him here but maybe because he isn't here, I'm more conscious of it?)
Dennis has been running around Santiago- he wanted to go to our jeweler to resize his wedding ring but our jeweler has moved! So he will try to find a new place tomorrow. And tommorrow he has the entire day to spend with his youngest daughter, Cristina, which is very nice and exciting because they have been in school and so he has only seen them for a couple of hours each day so far. I'm trying to encourage him to not be stressed out or down because I know he wanted to spend the entire trip with his little girls but I think he is kind of in a culture shock still and maybe he is a little homesick for "gringolandia"? (I don't know if that is normal for people who are immigrants?)
I guess the main thing that sucks is that I realize that I talk to Dennis so much (I really probably talk 90% more than he does!) and now noone is here! And it's weird to have a new mattress but not to share it with my husband. (what is even stranger is that I leave for Michigan the day he comes home, for a 2 day conference for women in ministry!!) I am looking forward to seeing his photos and listening to him tell me in person about all of his memories and I can't wait to have hugs and kisses. His mother told me that next time I have to come because she thinks that he might be feeling a little down because I didn't go to Chile with him. (I really love my mother in law!!)

So, so far, being alone is pretty boring. But so far I am doing okay. (Why was Dennis worried that I couldn't be alone all by myself?) The house is a little cleaner and I can stretch out in bed (but I still sleep on my side!!). So far, Dennis being so far away is not really that big of a deal.

And as the photo above displays, I bought a second pair of the most comfortable pants EVER yesterday at They have changed my life (because I didn't think I would fit in them or look good in them and I do!!)


B r i a n & G a b r i e l a said...

Hi Erin. Hey, those pants you said you bought look very very nice. Some years ago I saw some similar to those ones and they would be called in Mexico "falda-pantalon" (skirt-pants). I liked them very much.

Hey, what you say about your husband that probably he is in a cultural shock right now down there in Chile, without you, probably can be true. As when I went to Mexico in Dec'05, I would have felt kind of bad if Brian had not accompanied me, as what happens is that you really get completely involved (fusioned) with your partner, that even though you visit your close family back in your country (to whom you have not seen for a long time. They have changed and so you have), you don't feel that you belong completely to that circle of people anymore but to your foreign husband/foreign wife, even though people are nice, but you feel more more identified with your partner (In this case, Dennis with you, and me with Brian).

Another thing is that it's kind of funny, because one (in this case, me, or your husband) miss the people they left behind in their countries, but once we see those people (yup, they behave nice towards us) like I said, we realize everyone has done their one lives and we don't fit completely in those circles anymore. Things keep in movement and everything changes.

I just say this because it's what has been happening to me. And the funny thing is that when I went to Mexico, yes, I spent a great time with family and friends, but you know what? When I was about to leave Mexico after those 11 days I stayed there, I has so happy to get back to the U.S. So the thing is that I only miss the people in Mexico but not the country at all I guess. I love the U.S. and I'm sure that when your husband has to leave back to the U.S. he will be so happy to, and maybe the only thing he will miss is his family probably, but he will be so happy to see you again.

Hey, I really congratulate you for feeling ok despite your husband is not there with you right now.

Related to me, I think that I'm so fusioned to Brian that I would miss him so much.

One idea for you to kind of have some nice sound at home now that the house is empty just with you and not Dennis, can be turning on the radio too. When I was staying at home in the very beginning of coming to the U.S. (waiting for my working permit, etc.) and Brian was working every day, I would feel kind of lonely, but then started turning on the radio and leaving it all day long to get distracted while doing my household activities and it would make me feel more accompanied.

Okies Erin. Bye for now. Take care and you know that even though your blogging friends are phisically far from you, the internet conect us automaticaly to you and that we care about you, ok?

I send you a very big hug and so many blessings. Have a very nice day Erin. :)

Me, Myself and I said...

hehe I understand u but u know? u'll miss that alone time when he's back hehe

Try to enjoy your time and keep u busy ;-)

Take care !!!

Anonymous said...

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