Sunday, March 11, 2007

evidence thus far...

photos taken as dennis was sleeping (benedryl-induced as he found another cream to be allergic to! we think it's menthol!)

anyway, he was "buying soda" for over an hour. he came home and threw this gigantic paper bag into the fridge (I figure it's a cake), and he gave me the previously mentioned diet coke and chocolate I was needing. I told him I was onto him and he laughed the way people laugh when they are nervous and said "you know me too well".

hmm.. that looks like white frosting...
had I taken a wider shot, you may have noticed our fridge looks like a bachelor's fridge. It's a nightmare. Next to the chocolate, is a bottle of lemon juice and a can of some kind of pate that we got for free (salmon?). And a bottle of insulin that I need to throw out.

there are also birthday candles on top of the fridge but I'm tired and need to go to bed. I'll take a photo of them tomorrow.


cindy said...

LOL that looks like a birthday cake! Yay!!! You one lucky gal you, your hubby is so sweet!! :D

Heh, don't worry about the messy fridge. I should come see mine. The last time my boyfriend and I ransacked the fridge for late night snack, we found a can of expired fruit in can (1 year overdue too), a bottle of wine (that doesn't look like wine anymore) and a box of A&W fried chicken - that neither of could remember how long it has been in there!

Have a good sleep, sweetie.. and


cindy said...

Type error:

*YOU should come see mine.. :P

Me, Myself and I said...


te deseo un muy feliz día en el día de tu cumpleaños, espero que disfrutes esa tarta taaaaaaaaaaaaaaan rica ( tengo envidia y se me cae la baba! jajaja )

Un besazo y feliz cumpleaños de nuevo! pásalo genial!

IRENE said...

Love Cadbury's!

Anonymous said...

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