Sunday, March 25, 2007

follow up....

GOOGLE it! yes, Ricky Martin was a regular member of the General Hospital Cast (I think I was in grade school still so this was a really long time ago for me too...)

Today, Dennis and I practiced driving on the route where I will eventually take my exam (in a couple of weeks). I still need to practice and there were a couple of times when I wanted to kick Dennis out of the car, but at the end he said I wasn't bad at all and just had to practice parking and backing out especially in a parking lot. So I actually got a much deserved compliment from my husband regarding my driving!! (it was so badly needed that I cried when we finally stopped and parked because he had finally admitted that I'm not so horrible!!! And okay, I cried probably too because it's so stressful!!)

keep practicing!! keep practicing!!!

*note: also, I've made a promise to Dennis to not blog so late at night. So any blogging should be done before 11pm and not in the early morning hours....


Me, Myself and I said...

Never, NEVER EVER, listen to me ? NEVER let your husband/father/brother teach you how to drive. Because:

a) they always think they'll do better than you
b) you are a woman so your driving is bad, whether you become a f1 driver or not
c) they do not have patience.

I told you ;-)

cindy said...

I support the above statement! LOL!!!
Whenever I drive with my dad or my bf, they'll always have things to complain. Too fast, too slow, to slow pick up etc. Grr..

By the way, Ricky Martin looked funny in that picture. Haha!