Tuesday, March 27, 2007

why? Open Letter to Madonna...

Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks Madonna's clothes are not that big of a deal (even some are kind of ugly/not anything I would wear....)

So people are like standing in line/fighting to get to buy her clothes? why?


Dear Madonna,
Please retire. I don't like how you look anymore and I miss the old 80's/90's Madonna. I feel like you are trying to re-create your "Austin Powers" look for your new clothes line. It's not my cup of tea and I get that you have to keep making money- gotta save for college funds like the rest of us right? But it's getting kind of lame- I still can't get the image of you in the hot pink disco leotard from "hung up" video out of my mind. I'm over you. So retire, maybe do a children's book every once in a while, but please retire. Raise your babies, hold on to your man, and fade away.

Yeah, and you aren't royalty either. So stop that too.

Greatful for songs like "material girl",


cindy said...

She used to be pretty in the 80s...

Me, Myself and I said...

LOL! hahahaha let her to read your letter and I'm sure she'll retire!

sometimes old people try to pretend they're still young... or that they can be like Peter Pan. Come on, accept you age, Madonna!

Sharon said...

Coming from someone closer to Madonna's age I would like to comment the reason I think she should retire is not because of her clothes but because she can neither sing nor dance... and actually never could. Cute blog... come check out www.mookyshood.blogspot.com.

Michelle said...

I completely agree!