Sunday, May 06, 2007

My Cinco De Mayo....

It's a celebration over a Mexican battle with the French. I know that almost every year in school, I had at least one teacher say "it's not the battle for Mexican independence". Today, while watching the news, Dennis asked "Why were the French in Mexico anyway?" I have no idea.

So we really didn't celebrate the 5th of May as much as we just ran around town doing things. I got my eyebrows waxed (not as painful as I thought) and my upper lip waxed (again, not as painful but still painful and waxy.) It was something that had to be done. Dennis did a bunch of banking things and then we went to the video rental store. The one video rental store in Malibu. The only video store in Malibu that also sells records and CDs and incense and has one of those rooms where only people 18 and over can enter. Those video rental stores still exist. I thought they had gone but they still exist. We rented The Good Shepherd. It was confusing and totally Dennis' type of movie. It spans like 30 years and they do a really good job of making Angelina Jolie age (well, sort of. she gets gray hair.) But they don't age Matt Damon, who is supposed to be her husband and also supposed to have a pretty stressful job. Even when their kid is like 23, he still looks 30.

But back to my day. We went to La Salsa for lunch. Coincidentally. It was either pizza or chinese and Dennis decided neither. So as we were waiting for our food, I decided to sit down. I had been watching this mid-40's looking typically trendy/pretty Malibu woman pick at her beens and rice (because that's what you eat. beans and rice. and water.) while talking to two guys- one I could see and one I could not. So I sat down and looked over. I could see the one guy I couldn't see before.
It was Ted Danson. I'm not going to go up to him and I don't have a camera and I just don't know how to approach celebrities without looking like an idiot. Plus, he's not as famous as he was like 10 years ago. When I was younger, I would have been like "OMG! Three Men and a Baby!!" and my mom would have said "Cheers!!!" But now he's old and his hair is really really gray and his show Becker has become one of those shows that is on when nothing else is on, (kind of like "Matlock"....). So I quickly made a mental note of what I could describe in my blog about him.
a)he has really small feet. Really. like a woman's size 8.
b)he is really as tall as he looks on TV. I know he was sitting down. But he was still tall.
c)he and his friends (i'm guessing friends) were talking about the environment but I wasn't listening to specifics. I kind of started to feel like anyone who lives in Malibu just talks about the environment to be cool.
d)he wasn't with his wife, Mary Steenburgen (who I mostly recognize as the woman who married Doc Brown in the 3rd "Back to the Future").
and yeah. our order was ready and we left and as soon as we were out the door, I whispered to Dennis "Dennis!! That was Ted Danson!! you know, from cheers!!" and he said "really? oh yeah... I think I've seen him around here before."

We went home and Dennis started taking cold pills because he has a cold. And I put one of those icy/hot back patches on because my back hurts. And Dennis harassed me for it because he thinks that just because he's allergic to menthol, that I am too. I'm not. And we've decided that we might be worse than my grandparents who are in their 80's.

I did drive to the store all by myself. I had to buy soda and dinner for myself because Dennis was going to eat his leftovers from La Salsa. I bought sushi and soda and ice cream sandwiches and kleenex. And it was so cool.


cindy said...

OMG you saw Ted Danson! Ohhh.. now you make me wanna move over to the States so I have higher chances of meeting celebrities! xD I love the Becker show. It's one of the show that keeps my sanity. LOL!

Hope Dennis feels better soon. I saw in your twitter that you drove to work? Yay!!

Eh, how do I add you into my twitter as "Friend"? I Couldn't figure out how to... :( The only thing I saw is that button that sends an email to invite a friend to signup for one.

cindy said...

I've added you as my Friend in twitter! Yay!!

Yeah, figured that I need to click your name on your twitter to add you. I've fixed my twitter tho, you'll see my link there by now. :D