Sunday, July 15, 2007


the girls got hair cuts.

I'm bonding with Cristina, the youngest, over Kelly Clarkson (go figure.) She really likes the new album that has been so negatively received in the US. I bought us both a copy a few weeks ago on Amazon and now she is the first girl in her town to have this CD, which is not on sale in Chile yet. And that makes me feel so cool.

And I'm bonding with the oldest (pink scarve and lighter hair) if only because we both agree that her dad is kind of protective/hard.

At this point, I am excited to visit them. We may or may not go for 2 weeks in September. I am a tiny bit afraid because my waistline has grown in the four years since I've seen the girls. But I'm also afraid because my spanish is not nearly as good as I wish it was.

They don't want to be considered twins but my goodness, they are so cute!!


Me, Myself and I said...

Te puedo asegurar que tu español es buenísimo para ir a Chile, seguir una conversación normal y defenderte!

cindy said...

Ooooo sexy!!! :D