Monday, July 16, 2007

thoughts of the day...

a) yes, I am going to watch Posh Spice's TV show on NBC. At least for the first five minutes.


everyone's hating on Britney Spears but honestly, how many times have you wished you could juggle so many things in your hands at once?? She has a dog in one hand and starbucks, ciggeretttes, a phone, and probably some other things in another hand. I cannot even carry two of those funky sized fridge cases of soda cans, a bag of groceries with awkward frozen pizzas and another bag with like hot dogs and a baguette. How does she do it??
*I can't comment on the racket photo. It's just the photo that came attached to the photo of multi-tasking Brittney in pink hair.

and c)
I have two thoughts on Astroglide: If you are an under-aged reader of my blog (which I doubt) or if this is a message to any future children : Astroglide and it's counterparts including KY and any generic brands, is a PRESCRIPTION ONLY lotion FOR DRY SKIN. YOU CANNOT BUY THIS UNLESS YOU SEE YOUR DOCTOR FIRST.

2) Now, for the grown-up readers. come on. most of you are married or have taken sex-ed. Why is it that if I mention my need to buy this product in a local drug store, that person that I'm talking to acts shocked? Especially if this person is a good (married) friend who I have discussed intimacy with before? If you are married, considering marriage, or if you are interested/already doing intimate things and YOU HAVE NOT HEARD OF KY OR ASTROGLIDE, then honey, you need to stop blushing and pick up a girly magazine like "Cosmo" right now. How you made it this far, I've got no idea.


BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

I saw the Brittney pink wig photo and thought it was a joke...but then again I thought the photos of her bald were jokes at first.

When is her new album coming out? That will be a distraction. For her sake and her boys, I hope it doesn't suck!

And you are really cracking me up on the personal lubricant discussion. Tee hee.

mrsmogul said...

I think I once used some banana lube at 24 but all I did was lick it like balm. ANyway i watched VB's show too. I couldn't help it and wrote a little about it today.

Me, Myself and I said...

lol yes, 10 points to Britney, she might change her profession then... and work as a clown ???¿¿?? xD

Never tried one before, but what about a chocolat one ? lol I would't finish with the whole bar! haha!