Friday, July 13, 2007

what's happened while i was away

under a rock aka in school for an intense four weeks:

Court Tv is no longer Court TV:

The channel that pulled me out (for some reason) of the deep depression of being separated from Dennis before we got married, the channel that I've put on tv whenever I need background noise for the past five years, and the channel that has begun to air endless "Cops" episodes and "Cops"-like lame shows about people arresting and chasing people, is going to be "Tru Tv". So they are probably going to have less a)boring trial coverage that helps me sleep (I did watch the Michael Jackson trial and the Scott Peterson trial....) and documentaries about crime (also strangely helpful for sleep) will be replaced by video clips of police chasing guys strung out on drugs. It's like when your favorite show ends. Sad.

And everyone obsessed about Nicole Richie being pregnant, about The Beckhams moving to Los Angeles, about how Hilary Duff lost weight (what the hell. she's about my height and she went from like 130 to 80 to 130 and now she's like 110 and people are calling her a successful story about how a girl has a great body image??)...

Is David Beckham wearing women's panties? I mean, yes he's hot. But is he wearing panties? At any rate, he is probably the one of few examples I can think of where the guy can go platinum blonde and still look cool.

Would I ever be that addicted to a dress? No. I thought about this actually. Is there anything I love so much that I would snif it? I mean I really love diet coke but would I snort it? I know I'd snort um... air. But I think I would stay away from a cocaine-like cute top from Old Navy. Even if it was like four dollars on sale.

And Big Brother US began. Which is cool because my great aunt watches it and we email each other about what we think of the house guests. But the UK version is way better.

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