Saturday, August 18, 2007

celebrity sighting

I've been meaning to post this since Wednesday.

On wednesday, as I was walking toward the bank, past starbucks and the post office, I saw Jeremy Piven. I remember him fondly for his acting in the shortlived TV show "Cupid" and for movies like "Old School". And he does look like he works out, in real life. As a matter of fact he looks just like he does on his profile. He was wearing (expensive looking, naturally) jeans and a cap, walking straight and not looking at anyone, and I've heard via sometimes unreliable gossip sites that he's kind of a jerk. And he's not nearly as famous as Brad Pitt so I didn't even tell Dennis- he's one of those actors that does a lot of supporting work and you know his face but you don't necessarily know his name.... (actually, he might be more famous than I give him credit, because of his role on the show "Entourage", which I don't watch.)

So I didn't stop him to say "hey I think you are funny in some of your movies". But the point of all of this is that I saw a semi-famous person after months of saying "how come everyone else sees famous people in Malibu and I don't!?"


cindy said...

I've never heard of him (probably because I don't watch TV as much) but it's awesome to have the chance to see celebrities!!

If I saw Brad Pitt walked past me.. I think I might pass out. :P

Take a camera with you next time Erin! You never know you who you'll see next! :D

Me, Myself and I said...

you finally made it! hehe :) although you don't like him very much or know about him either, it is always cool to see any celebrity... I dunno, it makes you fel kind of exclusive, although that guy is such a nerd lol

~Virginia~ said...

That's cool! I've actually seen Entourage a few times and it's pretty funny. My favorite Jeremy Pivens role was a supporting character in this Mandy Moore movie--Chasing Liberty. I'm a teeny-bopper at heart! :)

Congrats on the celeb sighting! The most recent one I had was on my plane ride back home from California last month--I saw a basketball player for the Sacramento Kings.

capnwatsisname said...

Hey, I saw him outside CVS on Wednesday - probably at almost the same time! We probably would have seen each other if we weren't staring at Jeremy Piven.

mrsmogul said...

Was he in the sitcom ELLEN? I think he was wearing a cap so he wouldnt be noticed? GOOD EYE!!