Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ten things I don't like about my job...

This is actually an ironic topic as I am doing this at my job. I will try very hard to think of real reasons for hating my job but truly, this is the best job I've had in ever and that's why I would never want to leave. (I'm sure my bosses would have a more meaningful list....)

Ten things I don't like about my job
1. We are located in a corridor where lots of students pass and it gets quite loud. Oh when they are talking on their cellphones, the conversations I hear...
2. I don't have a company credit card. Yeah, I'm an intern. But surely I deserve a card :)
3. There will be two men this year. That is two men more of testosterone that we haven't had since I've worked there (2 years). It might be weird that I can't come in and cry and I think our conversations will be different. I loved the estrogen filled office.
4. We don't go to lunch enough. (whatever, we go at least once a semester. but when we go out with guys, will that be weird?)
5. My faculty/staff book has to be updated. I think it's like 2 years old.
6. There isn't enough space. I have a tiny corner, with all of my "office" things (obligatory family photos etc .) and computer. But with two new people coming, I will have to share office space and computer. I think I got spoiled and I promise to share... But really there isn't enough space. I am surrounded by boxes and books.
7. I'm not paid weekly. Man, that would be awesome.
8. I'm not sure about this- I may or may not be able to retain my faculty parking privilege's. If I can, that will be awesome. I will be quite sad if I have to start walking to work.
7. I don't get to go with the directors and new faculty on the annual trip to Italy.
8. The mail system is kind of lame. We don't have our own post box in our office so noone comes to pick up or deliver mail. it would be nice to not have to walk so far to pick up or deliver mail. (by far, I mean upstairs.)
9. Cell phone coverage in this office sucks.
10. We are only having one spiritual retreat this school year, instead of two.

I guess the only other thing is that I'm in a ministry internship, technically but when I'm around other ministers (in class, at conferences...) I don't feel like I'm a qualified "minister" really. I still feel like a student who kind of doesn't belong yet. I'm working on this.

Oh, jeez. I just realized that I cannot count. There are two "7" and "8". So this is 13. I hope that isn't unlucky. hmm... okay one more. um. oh okay. I can't burn DVDs on my office computer. That's the 14th "complaint". And 14 is not unlucky.

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~Virginia~ said...

You can have one of my company credit cards...I have 2. One for travel and one for regular puchases! :)