Friday, September 07, 2007

Hello Friday Night! WOO!!!

My Friday night. Alone. In blog form. Longest blog entry ever!!! WOO!

1. I went shopping today for the kids in Chile. I bought about 4 pounds (2 kilos roughly- maybe 3) of candy, some cute punk-rock type wallets and school supplies for the girls (who are all in their teens ranging from 13-19 with my stepdaughter Cristina as youngest), a rock band t-shirt for my mormon nephew who sulks around in a very emo way, playing Greenday on his guitar. And some chocolate for my mother in law and for my husband's Aunt.
But the best part???
Shopping for my two year old nephew Tomatito!!!!

I'm so excited about this remote control that makes sounds and says the numbers, it's ridiculous. I hope that my sister-in-law doesn't hate me. But let's face it. I love our remote controls. Love them. And of the kids that I've baby-sat, I'm sure if I polled them they'd love this remote control. And if worse comes to worse, you can take the batteries out. (seriously. the volume button actually goes up and down and makes annoying noises at the same time!!!!)

But that's not all. I also bought him 10 of those little cars, even though the package says "not for kids under 3 years old". And Batman pajamas. With a detachable velcro cape. I am afraid that the other kids had no chance. Tomatito is my favorite. He's probably a lot of people's favorite, because there is such a big age gap between him and the next sibling in line, Regina (she's 13? 14? 13 I think... her, her sister Gabriela, and my two stepdaughters were all born around the same time...)

So I might have to say in mangled spanish "I'm sorry. Tomatito is my favorite."

(poor kid. his name is Tomas. Jose Tomas. But calling him a little tomato is so much better.)

Anyway, fast forward through shopping for kids, calling family, a short nap, and a pot pie for dinner.

And right now, I'm watching a really lame and unbelievable movie called "It's a Guy Thing" with Jason Lee (My Name is Earl). Getting past the idea that Jason Lee is a scientologist, and the fact that I don't like Selma Blair when she has a guy's haircut, (I actually like Julia Stiles)....

1. what mother would hire a caterer at a pharmacy for her daughter's wedding? Especially if her mother was "rich, high society" and the caterer was really a pharmacist and he had no qualifications whatsoever??

2. I'm so tired of Beyonce. She's not in this movie but she is in every other commercial on MTV right now. And she's advertising perfume.

3. Morgan Freemen is advertising Axe Bodyspray now. Google it. (nah. just click on the link. I googled it for you while I was watching Jason Lee and Julia Stiles sneak out of a dark apartment in a "kooky romantic un realistic scenario where they are trying to avoid being caught by some mean dog, in the series of scenes that changes Jason's character's life and point of view on Julia Stiles's character, not his fiance"- this movie is an hour in and I have no idea the names of the main characters... Her name is Becky.)

4. According to this movie, you can buy a cure for crabs (STD) at a pharmacy. Over the counter??

5. Has Ben Stiller worn out his welcome?? I keep seeing the commercial for The Heartbreak Kid. Watching him go ballistic at a marachi band is funny...

(wait till the end for the funny...)

6. Is that what Dennis thought of me after we got married. I mean, I gave him a honeymoon phase but I certainly didn't hold back in singing along in the car...

7. I really like Morgan Freeman in this ad campaign. Axe Vice. I think Dennis uses this body spray. But I don't want to eat him or anything.

8. Seriously, This movie sucks. Shame on you, Jason Lee. Shame. Making movies with Ben Affleck and Kevin Smith meant nothing to you??

9. Selma Blair. You are not funny.


mrsmogul said...

Morgan Freeman finally got work eh? I saw him doing the wax figure gig at Madame Tussards the other day and he looked tired of having tourists take pics with him.

NatalieLucy said...

Hey Erin,

Great to hear you bought the kids some things. Do you get to see them often?

Hope your having a great weekend.

Me, Myself and I said...

2 kg of candies !!!!!!!!!!!???????????? My God, I can imagine the bags all filled with different tiny colorful pieces hahahaha I bet your nephew is so hapy! ( he is gotta love you more and more if you keep behaving this way haha )

I'm Just Sayin... said...

HA HA!!! I'm so glad you told us your nephews real name because even though I only know a teeny bit of spanish I've always wondered why they named their son "Little Tomato" :-)

I agree that I don't like Selma Blair - she's way too ... depressing? I also don't like that girl from "Party of 5" that did the movie "Wild Things" and "Three To Tango" with Matthew Perry - I don't care enough about her to find out her name, but I'm sure you know who she is :-)