Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I thought of this first...

Maybe not. But the photos are from Best Week Ever:
So basically, OJ Simpson is in jail again. Who? That famous football player who everyone says got away with murder. I can say "hey Dennis, OJ is in jail again!" and he won't have a clue about what OJ did as a football player or as a comedic part of the "Naked Gun" movies but he will say "didn't he kill his wife?"

"Best Week Ever" wonders if OJ is happy to be back in jail. Maybe. I would suggest that it isn't happiness as much as "aw, shucks...well, you caught me!"
Think: first mugshot was taken after the whole bronco car-chase/OJ-is-suicidal-weird incident.
Second Mugshot is YEARS later and we kind of know that OJ isn't as rich or as lucky with the ladies or with... anyone. I kind of picture him as getting himself into this mess of stealing whatever in Vegas out of boredom/insanity. He looks like he knows that we all know that he's kind french fries short of a happy meal.
Now that I think about it, he does look a bit happy. But he also looks like a grandpa figure who has been caught trying to grow medicinal marijuana for his cataracts.
I wonder if he drinks "Boost Benefiber Nutritional Energy Drinks". My experience with geriatric people usually involves Boost or Ensure.


~Virginia~ said...

If I could put a curse on OJ, I totally would. Guy's a freak.

mrsmogul said...

He is nuts!! What a lunatic. It makes good CNN TV for Larry King I guess.