Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What does this say?

Madonna is still trying to keep Kabbalah cool. Now that I am taking Hebrew, I can actually recognize the letters on this photo and I guess Kabballah or however you spell it is related to Judaism in some way because the whole point of the photo is to show that pious Madonna is going to spend some time celebrating the Jewish Holy days in the middle east with some other famous people that she convinced into wearing red bracelets. So I'm guessing she won't wear the bright pink jacket when she visits the wailing wall?

So I can make out a shin(sin), nun (I think), het (i think) space, Mem, Waw, Bet, Het (right?) But where are the vowels? And is it a Shin or a Sin?

If Kabbalah was fighting Scientology, who would win? I mean, Kabballah, if it is related to Judaism, has the Rabbis. And Madonna. And maybe some rich Old Testament heritage.
But Scientology has aliens and Tom Cruise.

That's a tough fight to call.

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