Monday, October 15, 2007

Open Letter to Hubby...

Dear Beloved Husband,
I really want to change cell phone providers. And get a new cellphone. I know that it is not a priority, but Cingular really sucks. And I know that I don't need and probably won't use the camera part of the phone. But I would like very much to have a new phone. And this is something to help both of us. Your phone is a dinosaur. Really really old. Change it please. I'm tired of dropped calls and missed calls and a half a bar in my office.
Our 2 year contract ended at the beginning of the month. And I know you are avoiding this issue of changing providers and phones, like the plague. I get that shopping for phones to you is like going to the dentist for me. I also know that we are stressed financially because you are starting your business and because your ex has the nerve to ask for a raise in child support after ignoring her daughters and leaving them with you for two weeks (speaking of, yes, we both find it odd that even though the court ruled that they should stay with their mother that they are right now unofficially living with her parents and yet she wants more money...)
And so I get that cell phones are not number one on your list. But you've been gone a while and I was really looking forward to cellphone buying with you when you returned.
I'm selfish, I know. I've been wondering lately why I a)am having a cynical and mean outlook towards people in general instead of being nice and graceful and b)why I feel like I don't deserve grace.

But that's besides the point. You are sleeping right now and I am so glad you are home again. Thanks for helping me study for my Hebrew quiz. You are the best husband ever.

Love always,

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