Tuesday, January 08, 2008

10 Best Moments of Last Year...

I don't have photos but you could try doing a search of my blog because I've probably posted about some of these moments:
Ten Best Moments of Last Year
1. Passing my driver's license test.
2. Finishing the Greek requirement of my degree.
3. Visiting my Chilean Family.
4. Going to Fantasylandia with the girls and Dennis.
5. Getting a few days off because of the fire in Malibu (the first fire).
6. Buying burner covers for my oven. Seriously, these have changed my kitchen life and have given me so much more counter space.
7. Scattered moments of gracious quiet while Dennis was in Tennessee/Europe.
8. The feeling AFTER I finished the 20-something page on Revelation, even if I don't think Dr. Tyler read it.
9. Father's Day and the Margarita fountains. Seriously the Orchid Farm in Malibu throws a wicked Father's Day Potluck/Mariachi/Live Band Fest.
10. My blackberry. I love this phone almost more than I could love a human baby. (not really. but I have been waiting for the chance to use this Will Ferrell quote from "Blades of Glory")

And now, Dennis and I are OFF. I have finally talked him into going "walking on the track" with me.

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